Strategically guiding organisations through successful change and growth.

GROW ACADEMY specialises in helping organisations, departments and teams deal with the strategic issues of growth and change. We carefully select organisations to team with. Our role is that of coach, expert, and facilitator. Some consultants will present you with an off the shelf solution; we guide you through the process of forming your own solution that is tailored to your unique situation. It is important to us that we will be able to help the organisation move to a better place, that they are truly committed to making the move, and that all involved can have fun in the course of the process.

Everyone talks about value but they are rarely willing to define it. We provide value by getting organisations where they are going better, faster and more completely. More specifically, we bring value to the relationship by:

• Providing the process for making better strategic decisions and plans.
• Building an atmosphere of trust and inclusion.
• Clarifying the important dynamics of the future.
• Focusing on the system rather than the individuals or single issues.
• Maintaining balance so that the process is objective and fair.
• Creating a shared sense of where you are going and why.
• Aligning the organisation and its behavior with the strategy.
• Turning plans into real change, altering the course of the organisation and its behaviours.